The 60's and 70's were the golden age of electronic kit building.  The novice had a great many educational kits to choose from that taught basic skills and electronics theory while assembling a device that could do something useful or entertaining. An advanced builder could use "sweat equity" to inexpensively obtain popular electronic products like HiFi stereo systems, color televisions, CB radios, and automotive test equipment.

Today there are still quite a few electronics kits available for education purposes, but rapidly evolving features and shrinking components ended the consumer electronics kit business.  I would have loved to have assembled some of the products that were popular in the 70's, but unfortunately most of the companies that made all those wonderful kits were gone when I began my career.

In honor of a great set of educational Radio Shack electronics project kits available during the 60's and 70's, I've redesigned the original Science Fair brand 3 Transistor Shortwave Radio (Catalog #28-110) using modern components still available from electronics component re-sellers in the US.  All of the components in the updated kit can be found on Amazon.

There were many things Radio Shack did extremely well during its prime.  For the nostalgic or the enthusiast who would like to build an updated version of this classic radio I've included schematics, assembly documentation, and pictures of a completed and tested 3 transistor short wave radio based on the original from 1968.

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